It has been a while folks so howdedoo , I took a wee break as my lovely Dad passed away just before Christmas and couldn’t quite get back on the blogging bandwagon .

My dad gave me his greenhouse  back in September, well when I say gave I did slightly force the issue by begging for it every time I was in its vicinity.


So I thought a blog in celebration of Tom and Greenhouse love would be fitting for my comeback. so here goes xo

Gordo and I took on the task of dismantling the glass beast back in September 16 and brought it to its forever home in Glenwherry after much planning we decided on a stone base with a concrete border.


Bringing our reuse recycle mantra into play we got rid of the weeds with a solution of half vinegar to half H2O . Then covered the area in about 5 to 6 layers of old newspapers which we gave a good soaking then we had an old trampoline membrane which we used as a  further weed suppressor and then filled the whole lot in with stones .

Then we got the frame up which didn’t avoid as many profanities as expected. Well done Gordo. As the winds up here are pretty extreme we decides to leave the glass until May.


Will fill you in on the amazing produce we got in da next blog.

We also got our veg plot tidied up thanks to some very enthusiastic weeders  the mothercluckers had a ball getting all the grubs and slugs

muthercluckers at their best

what a difference a year makes. It is great to have my Dads greenhouse and hope my tomatoes live up to his expertise I just wish he was still here to tell me how he did it  Thanks dad xoxox



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