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Think I got frostbit!!!


Winter is coming , winter is coming , batten down the hatches, get the emergency box refilled, we don’t want a rerun of last years fiasco, when some silly edjit took the matches out and didn’t replace them now do we Gordo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We prepared ourselves for the big freeze, but turned out it was more like a skiff much to Sam’s disappointment.  He had big plans which in Sams head compared to a slalom set up similar to ski Sunday , I love his enthusiasm and hopefully will get some decent snowfall soon.  But it did make everything look nice fer a couple of days

The new year has arrived and so far the Gordon household  have not been gripped by the new year bug to get healthy , get organised

Infact my shoe area i.e.  bottom of my wardrobe wer I sometimes chuck my shoes is such a mess I had put two different shoes on to leave for work,  and it was only when Sam the man asked me did I have to bring  a pound to school that I realised  oops!

We have not pledged like the rest of the world to give up bread in fact We bought a bread machine and it is a fav thing in the whole world , the house is constantly smelling amazing , we even made veda yummmmmmm it is so easy and as we live in the back of beyond and then turn right! nipping out for a loaf isn’t always an option


Those free loading mothercluckers still aren’t laying but seem intent on eating their fill of feed. Just like me as I have been eating quality street for breakfast, lunch and dinner , well the wrappers are compostable!  and the tins can be reused for storage “just doing my bit for the planet peeps”

Gordo has a cold which he has been heavily medicating with pints of Glenwherry lemsip  (other brands are available) he seems to have a constant fever as he is talking gibberish which seems to get worse with each lemsip not sure it is working but he is sticking with it I really admire his loyalty to this treatment and to the fact it is home made


We have also gone down the road of eliminating the need for washing powder as I have gone soapnut crazy,


these little beauties are the business just pop a couple in the little fabric bag with a few drops of essential oil by personal favourite  is grapefruit and lavender, they do about 4 washes and then they are chucked into the compost I also ordered a stain remover and it really seems to work along with bicarb and baking soda to soak really messy bit and bobs so far I am really chuffed with them and they are saving us a fortune which always keeps Gordo happy although the more lemsips he has the happier he does seem to be mmmmmm

Thanks for listening and see ya soon folks xo


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