Livelagom part trois

Its been a while as things have been getting busy on the homestead, trying to get my veg in while the sun shines on Glenwherry , Gordo has been flexing his muscles getting the foundations built for the arrival of our Greenhouse that I have finally managed to pry out of the fingers of my Dad affectionately known as Granada P, we are still trying to work out on the best mode of transport to get it to its forever home.


I cant quite believe it has been six months since we started to LiveLagom So how are we getting on with our three resolutions to live more Happy , Healthy  and Wealthy .


Our recycling is running like a dream, I can genuinely say I have not felt that cloud of recycling day looming over my head since the Sortera bins have been working their magic.  I think these could be our star player, as they have made us happy by releasing us from wasting time and energy sorting our recycling.  we really seem to be ahead of the game this year as far as the garden goes and if friends arrive and the utility room door happens to open I no longer have to pretend that we are building  some kind of bazaar art installation from rubbish  Tracey Emin styleee.



dr Bronner castile soap  is now our best friend I have replaced all hand washes, shampoos, shower gels, dog wash etc with various concoctions and have found we love adding lemon verbena essential, bergamot oil to beauty products and using peppermint and tea-tree on all cleaning products,no more nasties are  lurking in our house even deodorant and toothpaste products are all natural aloe Vera , I am gradually replacing all my make up with eco friendly alternatives as they run out check out  100%pure    they have free delivery  even to norn Ireland yippie!

I even polished Sam the Mans silver cup we had to return to school with 3 parts bicarbonate of soda 1 part water mixed into a paste, clean with old toothbrush rinse with water and buff with clean cloth = sparkling cup

Teenage Dirtbag has gone totally vegetarian so we are embracing our meat free Mondays and using as much from the garden as possible the salad leaves below were entirely from the garden,the bowl  and dressing from Ikea we didn’t eat the bowl


Our other veg and salads have really benefited from the great weather and my carrots are starting to grow in the big blue tubs.


We are still benefiting from the on going saving on our leds , we have also got into the Gum tree bug and every few weeks selling unused but perfectly good stuff that is sitting around, we are really lucky and do not have an issue with space , but it really does mean we keep everything!!!!!!!  so in a bid to make some spondulicks for our Hols we are getting rid of those unwanted keepers slowly but surely ching ching.


We have really loved the Livelagom experience and it has become a word/way of life which is used a lot by us and all my friends and family , who have surprisingly taken on board a lot of our sustainability craziness, it has truly awoken our lagominous and will continue to be a huge part of our life, we have noticed lots of benefits and feel all the products we choose at the beginning of the project have served their purpose well, especially the leds which have saved us lots of money by halving our lecky bill but also the cheapest buys the £5 sortrea bins which have saved us our sanity. I would recommend this to every one but would love to nominate my pal Michele Gardiner and her boys, well one man two boys and scamp the dog.


See Ya soon folks xoxox



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