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Carrots and Strawberry








A long time ago teenage dirtbag was given her own raised bed to do with what she wanted.  This resulted in it  just being filled with strawberries and flowers , well what else would any self respecting 11 year old girl need?  Since about 3 years ago the project has slipped to the back of teenage dirtbags mind and has been overtaken by 5 SOS, various vloggers  and generally nothing to do with raised beds.   So Sam and I decided to fill an old busted wheelbarrow with some of the over grown bed and claim it back as our own. Here’s how it went, Gordo drilled the bottom for drainage, filled with a few stones to help with drainage and weigh the thing down, pop in some compost and plant the Strawberry plants water well and wait for those juicy little morsels to grow.





We also had an old barrel which was screaming out to be a carrot growing thing so as the drill was out Oh er Mrs ! Gordo sawed it in half and drilled a few holes in the bottom. Sam decided that he needed to eat a carrot while this was being constructed in support of the carrots which had yet to be grown


We put some old pots in the bottom and filled with compost and sowed our little seeds then watered well. Hopefully these blue beasts will keep the pesky carrot fly away as they can not fly higher than 60cms  but I am going to plant a few chives around them, belt and braces suckers.


As part of our Live Lagom project we got curtains to help keep the heat in and the chilly Antrim winds out. Our present curtains came with the house and after a crazy idea to spring clean, they well shrank leaving a gap at the bottom with the cries of who’s budgie died ???

Sew back to the  MARJUIN  curtains (See what I did there sew and so lolers ), time to get the sewing machine out. I took the top off the curtains so as to have matching stripe at the bottom of each curtain, replaced the tab at the top and there ya go new curtains , no more drafts and slightly warmer Gordons.



Cost to replace £200

warm toes priceless !!!!!!!!!!  See ya next time folks xo






One thought on “Carrots and Strawberry

  1. I have just stumbled across your blog and love it! We have recently moved from the middle of antrim town to windy Glenwherry (the arsehole of nowhere lol), trying to save the world one herb box at a time with green fingered hubby and socially coscious 9 yr old! Will definitely be following up on some of your eco living tips
    Ps.our utility room has the exact same crappy pile of recycling in the sink so those bins are now number one on the to do list!!
    Stacey xx


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