Paddy The Sourdough Culture

Things are getting busy in the Homestead,the sun is kinda shinning and it is time to tidy up this midden.  So the spuds have been chitted and Gordo has come up trumps with the potato receptacle. After must cogitating , deliberating and the occasional raised voice  he realized what I wanted and built the damn thing. With the help of Sam who insisted that he was going to be a garlic potato when he grew up and we decided there could be worse career choices and carried on.

SAM the future Garlic Potato




We planted our potatoes out and just have to wait until they start to grow a little then cover and wait another while and repeat we are using straw and soil, so watch this space and I will keep you posted.

I also started my sourdough culture which let me tell you takes a lot of commitment and I feel I looked after it slightly better than my kids, well a lot more actually.

I followed  Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall’s recipe after reading a post of Kate Arnell another lagomer who made the sourdough.  We had been meaning to try sourdough so just went for it.

Unfortunately I tried to be healthy and used rye instead of white flour.  However this kind of turned out like a brick rather than a loaf.  It did taste ok when you chewed it about a 100 times so I have cut it into bits and the dogs seem to love it,  waste not want not.

Take two: went for the strong white flour version and Gordo did the kneadful.  Second time worked out better, yummers, still a little room for improvement.  Sourdough culture is the gift that keeps giving if you keep feeding it, remind you of anyone !!  See ya next time folks xo


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