LiveLAGOM part deaux

It seems like forever ago that we meet our Lagom leader Moira for our personalized shopping.  We went round the whole store while Moira gave us really good ideas and a lot to think about but because we had our resolutions in mind it helped to compartmentalize things. There was soo much fab stuff to choose from and Gordo and I are usually pretty relaxed/chaotic in our approach to buying. We went home and had a clear plan of what we wanted to achieve from the live Lagom project and it was pretty easy to make our shopping list this is what we decided on

ikea list (2).png

Here is how we have got on with our three resolutions about half way through the project.


Cooking in bulk and freezing in our new glass  FÖRTROLIG  containers which go from freezer to oven to table less dishes simples , also makes left over in the fridge identifiable less mystery items lurking in the back of the fridge. I love them

Cost to replace 4 FÖRTROLIG     £18

We made a pledge “not to use any nasty products”. We already use  ECOVER house cleaning products and Templespa body cleaning products as we have a septic tank and have to be careful anyway.

Because of  recommendations from fellow Lagomers I am giving  drbronner  18 in 1 a go, have so far made shower wash, hand wash I am still working on the added scents from natural oils will let you know how I get on. 

Less washing = less products so instead of throwing wet towels on the bathroom floor we thought let’s try the GRUNDTAL drying rack placed above the radiator and also our back door is a dumping ground for wet coats so the KUBBIS  this seems to be working great so far so good.

Cost to replace   GRUNDTAL  £20

                         KUBBIS   £9


Before the marathon of replacing our remaining 50 electric munching light bulbs with our LEDARE LED began we turned all the lights in the house on and took a reading of our lecky reader which was a cost of £245 per month , and then did the same when the new bulbs are in place it was £99 per month. Obviously this is if we kept out lights on 24 hours for the whole month but it is over a 50 % reduction wowzers !!!!!

Before Led                                                 After Led



Cost to replace £208


The next item on our agenda was the MARJUN  curtains, time to get the sewing machine out. I adjusted all the curtains to have the matching stripe at the bottom of each curtain. Not only do they look pretty stylish but no more draughts as you walk past the windows yea Result !!!! 

Before the thermal transformation !!!


After no more breezy toes as you walk past the window

  Cost to replace £200



Recycling organisation was a big problem/priority We took the doors of a cupboard in our utility room and had a real good clear out, removed the shelves and placed the 4 SORTERA bins in.  We have 3 recycling bins and each one will be labelled. The 4th will keep any paper in which we use to light our wood burning stove.



Starting to feel the stress of recycling slip away slightly and we have not missed a single recycling day yet, no more spending an entire Saturday a month sorting out recycling,  result !! This has definitely had the biggest impact on our day to day living, no more playing rubbish Jenga in the utility room. Who would have thought 4 plastic boxes could make such a difference to one family’s life

 Cost to replace £20

  Looking forward to the next phase #liveLAGOM



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