To Chit or not to Chit that is the question?

One of my favourite memories as a child is my Granda bringing a bowl of spuds in straight from the garden and my Granny boiling them up. Then ate them with butter and a wee bit of salt mmmm! I am not sure anything tastes as good and now every year we do the same with our wee kiddlies.


Ok folks so if you fancy growing your own spuds it is pretty easy but you need to do a few things now. Chitting is just giving your wee pomme de terres a helping hand to sprout before you plant them.


The best way to chit is to place the spuds blunt end up into egg cartons. This stops them touching each other. Stick them in an area with lots of natural light but not direct sunshine, some chance eh!  Just leave these wee guys  to do their own thing until St Paddy’s day (17th of March) when they are ready to plant!
The shoots should start to grow 1.5-2.5 cm or 0.5-1 inches in old money ! Don’t worry about this too much as I will come back to this when it gets closer to planting. I have a few ideas to try this year but shushhhh don’t tell Gordo as it involves him making me a few things.

We love having a go at growing as much as we can ourselves. We have two main areas the Veg plot which is at the side of the garden and has peas, onions, spuds, cabbage etc in it and then closer to the back door we have our herb/salad bed.  Both these areas have developed over time with a few tweaks here and there.


Way back in 2013 when these cutie pie photos of ickle Sam where taken, we decided to go for raised beds as although we do have loads of room our soil is pretty rubbish, and it is easier to weed, organise etc.  Gordo was given his instructions and off he went pencil and measuring tape in hand and “voila” an area of outstanding natural beauty was born, our raised beds, ta dahh!

We used a bit of the garden to the side of the house which was really underused. This was split it into five rectangular beds and two long thin beds for peas and beans. Gordo made the beds using fence slats and staked the corners. He took the top layer of grass off and then we filled the beds with a load of recycled compost from a local supplier at Slemish Market Garden. We got filling with the help of Sam the Man and his trusty yellow wheelbarrow, and have since put up a fence to keep our friends the rabbits out. Nothing as soul destroying as watching your plants grow to come out and find Peter rabbit and friends have decimated your cabbages. Yes it is as painful as it sounds!

We also have a salad/herb bed at the back door where it is easy to nip out and get what you need and it is also slightly more sheltered so lettuces etc tend to grow better out here.

Here’s how  we did it.

Get a load of pallets, we got ours for free as someone was chucking them out.


Clear ground of weeds big stones etc. but you don’t need to be too fussy. Lay newspaper over the top about 5 sheets thick and soak with water, cut your pallets’ to size, and lay on the top of the paper, secure in place with a plank of wood at front and back to keep your soil in. We took alternative planks off and painted them. I used Cuprinol Garden Shades in Willow, fill with compost and plant up with all your favs.

See ya soon folks have a good one xoxo




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