Free wine!!!! It would be rude not to Darling

So our ikea  Lagom project has been sneaking into every aspect of our life, we really have been thinking do we really need this?????? 

Our coats are being dutifully hung up on our new Kubbis coat rack £9 put up at the back door by my trusty/glamorous assistants instead of lying in a damp heap on the floor so avoiding unnecessary washing . 

The first coat of many



Lagom has stopped Gordo from purchasing a few too good to miss deals eg  an extendable dinning room table which we would only have needed  about three times a year did we need this No!! So we just walked away.

We have not had any recycling mountains anymore, but will go into that at a later date.

The Icing on the Lagom cake came when I got an email from  boden saying if I spent £60 I would get 6 free bottles of wine well did this pass the not too much not to little test heck Yea it did !

So got a few items slightly over £60 lol as teenage dirt bag Anna got involved so we ended up with a pair of boots, coat, two candles, sweatpants, and a few T shirts for Sam the man all sale items and of course the Vino for Gordo so everyone got something out of this result or what “holllaaaaaa ”


WP_20160204_007 2
The wine tokens


The vino


The wine company is called   Naked Wines    and it turns out we are able to have a little tipple by helping others, who knew????

They are an online wine retail company who support independent winemakers who would struggle financially to raise cash to make it on their own, so Naked Wines give them the freedom to make wines the way they want to. They do this by recruiting Wine Angels who invest £20 a month to spend on whatever wine you want. In return you get discounted wine, sort of boozing to stick it to the Man ie the big supermarkets and to insure that you are not buying a mass produced product from a faceless producer deep or wa,

Oh ! and you get it delivered straight to your door, Oh! and you can get an app to order wine whenever all these things seemed very appealing to Mr G.

So this #liveLAGOM thing seems to be working pretty well so thanks again for reading this and don’t forget to come back for more folks xoxox



#boden,#nakedwines #liveLagom #sunshineonglenwherry




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