Positively Tropical in Glenwherry

We spent most of this weekend doing tidying, clearing out, cleaning out the mothercluckers who have thankfully started lying or as Sam would say giving us their bum eggs. The sudden increase in production from zero to 3 must be the “quare turn in the nights hey boy ” so we finally have eggs for making carbonara yay! I will post the recipe at the end it is really easy and yummy.

 sam and Mark

As the temperatures soared into double figures 11/12 we decided to get out into the much neglected veg plot in anticipation for the planting season ahead. So with my well-muscled helpers Sam and Gordo in hand we headed out all tooled up to dig over and cover and general tidy up.  


This year I tried a little experiment, as we have such a short growing season as we are about 4 weeks behind the rest of Country Antrim being so high up. I planted celeriac and my cabbages in October I got the cabbage plants in an end of season sale for about 30p for 10 so I planted 30 and seem to still have about half left and Celeriac seems to be coming on ok (we shall see) We are still getting broccoli and the kale is going great! My advice would be anyone wanting to start to grow your own just do it! Start small and grow what you eat if you need any help just give me a shout as I am not an expert, more of a give it a go and hope it works kind of gal!

Carbonara a la Gordo’s

5 slices Bacon /pancetta

 3-4 free range egg yolks

About 50ish grams of grated parmesan

Wee bit of black pepper

Packet of Spaghetti


If ya fancy making your own pasta this is our recipe you need to alter it each time depending on the size of your eggs

 2 cups strong flour plus an extra ½ cup just in case

4 eggs

Olive oil 2 tbsp 

Blitz all in food processor for about 30 secs and then knead for about 2 mins so it is smooth. Add flour or a bit of water until the dough all comes together not too sticky or dry just right .

split your dough  into 3 bits and leave to rest for about 45 mins. Then put through the pasta machine to whatever thickness you like.


Fry bacon/pancetta with garlic until crispy

When your spaghetti is ready, we found that home made pasta only takes about a minute to cook go ahead and add your pasta to the pan with your crispy bacon In it. Make sure to keep the water from you cooked the spaghetti in! to finish your sauce add egg and parmesan mix to your bacon and pasta with a few spoonful’s of the water until creamy, serve then scoff!




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