Don’t be #BlueMonday be HappyMonday

 Not much going on this weekend just me and the Man Chilin out, due to the arctic conditions in which we live brrr the snows came on Friday and meant that we had to cancel a very important date with sausage and toast and a chinwag with our friend on Saturday morning sorry Lou, extra big slice of cake next week on me xo  

Blue Monday got me thinking this is the date when apparently most of us give up on our new year’s resolution and are broke well one out of two isn’t bad 

 Well our New Year resolutions all going great guns will keep you updated at a later date

 But I digress back to #Blue Monday, I actually woke up in great form this morning weird in its self as it was a morning and it was a Monday and I had to go to work but the reason I felt ok was because of Mr Sam he was in top form saying how he couldn’t wait to get to school to tell everyone about our date.

sam at misty burn

On Sunday we or rather Sam decided to go for an impromptu Mother Son date to a fab we place close to us the The Misty Burn so off we set all wrapped up and tummies rumbling.  Sam got his sausages in the end with his chunky chips which I had to provide a quality control on yummmmmmm had a great time in a great place with amazing company.

 Not a bad end to the week and made the start not to bad either.

So remember folks don’t be blue be happy xo


3 thoughts on “Don’t be #BlueMonday be HappyMonday

  1. How do pick a favourite? 😉 I will have to spend hours walking round IKEA to research but I still don’t think I could narrow it down. Being part of the Lagom project also, I will be doing this.

    I do like the food clips though, for when I’ve not got enough containers. My salad stayed fresh for longer so I ate most of it for a change, yum and less waste.

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  2. I missed meeting you both too. Tell Sam, the extra large slice of cake will definately be on me when we get the chance to meet. How are your chickens at the moment? Ours are not laying so I need Sam the “chicken whisperer” to come and work his magic on Goldie and Gertrude (oops Leonard!!!) Love to you all, Loving this blog. Lou. x

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