#liveLAGOM part Un


We are a pretty Green family as a whole but have a huge issue with organisation, we are pretty clued into what we should do , we grow our own , home brew, keep chickens, reuse,  repurpose and recycle everything our junk and everybody else’s we take everything that everyone else is getting rid of and our friend family and work colleagues give us a shout if they are having a clear out which we love but can become a bit if an issue as we thrive in chaos and sometimes our ideas are put to one side to make room for the next unfinished project which is just around the corner.

Then the word LAGOM came into our lives thanks to the fab opportunity we got from IKEA, we entered our family into a project Ikea are running they gave us £500 towards sustainability products yipeeeee!!!!!!!!  to liveLAGOM     this roughly translates from Swedish into Norn Ireland as “stop using more than you need ya buk egjit ya”   or as the Swedish say striving to achieve a state of “lagom.” Lagom can be defined as normal or in moderate balance, but it also has an undertone of “not too much or too little” as well as “just right” or “just enough,” meaning one is standardized to the central norms of a society. hears me wa !!!!

So on a rather wet Sunday morning Gordo and I gleefully dumped the kidos at Granny’s and headed off to meet up with our fellow 6 groups of lagomers, we got to go in the staff entrance which was great to see behind the scenes in such a familiar setting

Moira met us and talked us through the project. We got our goody bags and started our journey with the help of fresh pastries and coffee yum yum!!!


In the goody bag we got among the other goodies The brochure Hidden Gems to peruse our products and in eco fashion she emailed our #liveLAGOM Product list & Presentation

We arranged our home visit which was great and really informative and helped us get our resolutions in place while munching on the obligatory mince pies well it was near Christmas !


We decided to make 3 resolutions they are to be Healthy, Wealthy and Happy, sure who could argue with thon.

The first is Healthy

we are pretty good at growing our own and not wasting food as what we don’t eat either gets composted fed to the mothercluckers or the dogs, but we are aiming to cut down on hidden sugars and more bulk making of meals for the freezer.

I mostly use eco product but occasionally a few nasty’s creep in so we are aiming to ban all products with paraben’s etc. Make more of my own cleaning products and use soaps, shampoos etc. such as Templespa products

Use glass containers instead of plastics and improve our head space with less clutter and lot s more organisation ie a total Zen like home , who am I kidding I just want a little bit more order.

The second is Wealthy

We have over 100 spotlights in our house and have been gradually replacing these with Led bulbs but had rather fallen by the way side and thanks to live LAGOM we have seen the light (soz) we decided to replace every remaining light which is just under 50 with Led bulbs which will hopefully save us some mulla as well as saving the planet yea! Double whammy feel good factor.

Curtains which will provide some thermal help from those Glenwherry winds  and of course look good , so will stylishly not lose as much heat as our present curtains which look as if the budgie has died ie really short and you can actually feel the cold coming in when you walk past them brrrrrr


And last but not least is Happy

We waste a lot!!!!!!!!!!! Of time on Recycling we have a rather rubbish system where everything that can be recycled gets dumped in the sink/ floor of the utility room. That is until like a rather crappy game of jenga the poor sod who happens to put the final item on the pile and it all crashes to the floor has to carry it all out to the garage table where the process starts again. Then when things get sooo bad we have to spend a day sorting it out into our 3 recycling bins which have now turned into 3 recycling mountains which takes 5 men and 3 donkeys to transport to the front of the house in order for the recycling lorry to pick up aghhhh!!!!!!!!! I am even feeling slightly stressed thinking about it below you can see stage one of our present recycling system nightmare lets face it things can only get better .



So onwards and Upwards for our  #liveLAGOM journey fingers legs and arms crossed xoxo




7 thoughts on “#liveLAGOM part Un

  1. Sounds like a plan, Alison. Our school has recently been awarded Eco ambassador and holds the green flag status. We could interview you about some of your ideas maybe?! Gillian Bonar.


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